Other Cast Members

Many other cast members have occupied the fourth chair on the show. Below is the complete list of those cast members.

Denny Siegel

Denny Siegel appeared on 13 episodes in the original ABC run, mostly in the first two seasons on the show.  Denny has an extensive sketch and improv background and has appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Episodes with Denny Siegel

Gary Anthony Williams

Gary first appeared on Whose Line on its CW run and is best known for The Boondocks and Blue Collar TV.  He also stars alongside Cedric the Entertainer in the TV Land sitcom Soul Man.  Episodes with Gary Anthony Williams

Heather Anne Campbell

An alumnus of i.O. and the Groundlings as well as the Midnight Show at UCB, this Chicago-born improv star has appeared on MadTV and Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza and has written for Saturday Night Live and Fox’s Animation Domination.  Heather started appearing on Whose Line with the CW shows.  Episodes with Heather Anne Campbell

Jonathan Mangum

Actor and comedian Jonathan Mangum was a cast member of The Wayne Brady Show and appeared on Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza.  He is currently the announcer on Let’s Make a Deal and part of the touring group Whose Live Anyway.  He joined Whose Line on the CW run.  Episodes with Jonathan Mangum

Nyima Funk

Nyima was part of Second City in Chicago and Detroit and has appeared on Key & PeeleThank God You’re Here, as well as guest starring on many other sitcoms.  She began her stint on Whose Line with the CW run.  Episodes with Nyima Funk

Keegan-Michael Key

One half of the comedy duo Key & Peele, Keegan-Michael Key has also appeared on MadTV and Reno 911!  He began appearing on the CW episodes of Whose Line.  Episodes with Keegan-Michael Key

Kathy Griffin

Actress, comedian and television host Kathy Griffin sat in the fourth seat on four episodes in 2002-03.  Kathy was a member of The Groundlings improv troupe.  Episodes with Kathy Griffin

Stephen Colbert

Before The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert appeared in an episode of Whose Line (at another later episode from the same taping).  Stephen has improv experience from Second City in Chicago.  Episodes with Stephen Colbert

Whoopi Goldberg

One of few cast members with no improv experience, Whoopi Goldberg appeared in a pair of episodes in 2001 and 2002.  Episodes with Whoopi Goldberg

Karen Maruyama

Former member of The Groundlings, Karen appeared on the British as well as American version of Whose Line.  Episodes with Karen Maruyama

Josie Lawrence

A staple of the British version of Whose Line, Josie crossed the pond for two episodes of the American version.  Josie was a member of the Comedy Store Players improv troupe.  Episodes with Josie Lawrence

Patrick Bristow

Another former member of The Groundlings, Patrick is best known for his role on the show Ellen.  Patrick appeared in two Season 8 episodes formed from unused material from seven years earlier.  Patrick also appeared on the infamous Lost Episode from the first season which never aired.  Episodes with Patrick Bristow

Ian Gomez

Best known for his roles on Cougar Town and Felicity, Ian Gomez also appeared on The Drew Carey Show.  Ian appeared in a first season episode and an eighth season leftover show.  Episodes with Ian Gomez

Robin Williams

The only cast member to appear in only one episode, the legendary Robin Williams was part of one of the best (if not the best) episodes of the show’s run.  Rumor was a second episode might air from material from that taping, but was never released.  Episode with Robin Williams

Guest Stars

In addition to fourth-seat cast members, there have been many special guests appearing on the show to participate in various games.  Click on the names to view the episode in which they appeared.


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