Games Guide

Action Replay
Two contestants act out a scene while the other two contestants watch with headphones on so that they cannot hear what the others are saying. They must then act out their own version of the scene based on what they saw. Episodes featuring Action Replay

African Chant
A game similar to Song Styles/Duet where Wayne sings an African chant to an audience member while the other three contestants provide the backup. Episodes featuring African Chant

All In One Voice
In this musical game, two performers sing simultaneously with one voice while the other two sing in another voice. For example, in the first appearance of this game, two performers sang as Kermit the Frog while the other two sang as Miss Piggy. Episodes featuring All in one Voice

In this game, contestants perform a scene, but the only catch is they have to perform the scene like a certain type of animal. Episodes featuring Animals

Award Show
The contestants act out an awards-type show. Awards shows include the “Hillbilly Awards”, “Obnoxious Drunk Awards”, and “Frat Boy Awards”. Episodes featuring Award Show

Backwards Scene
This is a game originally played in the British version of Whose Line that made its way over in the fifth season. The performers act out a scene backwards, starting with the last line in the scene and working their way back to the first line of the scene. This is probably one of the harder games that is played on the show. Episodes featuring Backwards Scene

Ballad Of
Played only once, two performers sing a song in the style of a Western ballad in tribute to a member of the audience. Episodes featuring Ballad Of

Another British game which appeared during the fifth season. In this game, each performer sings to another performer deemed the “bartender” about a particular problem he or she has. Episodes featuring Bartender

Boogie Woogie Sisters
Three performers sing a Boogie Woogie song as though they were a group of singing sisters. This game first appeared in the fifth season and is similar to games like Motown Group and Doo Wop. Episodes featuring Boogie Woogie Sisters

Change Emotion
This game is usually acted out by three contestants who improvise a scene with two or three props. Each prop has a certain emotion attached to it, and whoever is holding the prop must exhibit that emotion. Episodes featuring Change Emotions

Change Letter
An old British version game, this one appeared for the first time in America during the fifth season. In this game, performers act out a scene but they must replace one letter with another in everything they say. For examgle, I reglaced the letter “P” with the letter “G” during the grevious sentence that I gut here. Gretty hig, huh? Episodes featuring Change Letter

Change of Cast
The contestants act out a scene and at various points in the scene, Drew buzzes and makes them change to a different cast of characters. Episodes featuring Change of Cast

Daytime Talk Show
One contestant is the host of a daytime talk show (a la Jerry Springer), two contestants are the guests on the show, and the fourth is a member of the studio audience. The topic of the talk show is usually based on a nursery rhyme or fairy tale suggested by the audience. The only appearances of this game include talk shows involving “Alice in Wonderland”, “Hansel and Gretel”, and “Three Little Pigs”. Episodes featuring Daytime Talk Show

Dead Bodies
This game is played with all four contestants as they act out a scene from a play. The only problem is two of the actors on stage have died. Another actor enters the scene later and also dies. The fourth contestant (in most recent games this is Colin) decides the show must go on, and so he moves the dead actors and talks for them in order to carry the scene on as planned. In one variation which turned out to be hilarious, Drew selected a member of the audience to be one of the dead bodies. Episodes featuring Dead Bodies

Doo Wop
Three of the contestants perform a Doo-Wop song usually about a household appliance suggested by the audience. Episodes featuring Doo Wop

In this game, one of the contestants doesn’t talk but rather mouths the words that are provided by another contestant off screen. Episodes featuring Dubbing

Fashion Models
Two contestants introduce the other two as fashion models on a runway. Episodes featuring Fashion Models

Film Dub
In this game, two, three or sometimes four contestants watch a monitor where a piece of film with the sound removed is played. The contestants must say the lines of each character in the film based on the scene description provided to them on the card. Episodes featuring Film Dub

Film TV & Theater Styles
The contestants act out a scene provided to them. Drew Carey buzzes in with different suggestions for film, TV, and theater styles provided by the audience. The contestants must then continue the scene using the suggestion–such as soap opera, high school play, or porno. Episodes featuring Film TV and Theater Styles

Foreign Film Dub
Two contestants improvise a scene in a foreign language provided by suggestions from the audience while the other two contestants serve as translators. Episodes featuring Foreign Film Dub

Forward Rewind
Introduced in the CW run, performers act out a scene until a voice-over says either “forward” or “rewind.”  At which point, the performers reenact the scene backwards and forwards, remembering what things were said and done and in what order. Episodes featuring Forward Rewind

In this game, information is taken from a member of the audience. This information is then used to have a funeral for the person, with one person officiating the service, and other performers as mourners. The game ends with all performers joining in a song. Episodes featuring Funeral

Game Show
One performer acts as a game show host with the other three contestants on a quiz show.  The contestants come up with Jeopardy-style questions based on answers provided to them.  Episodes featuring Game Show

Gangsta Rap
Performed only once, and similar to Song Styles, performers sing a gangsta rap-style song to or about an audience member or guest. Episodes featuring Gangsta Rap

Good Cop Bad Cop
This game was only done once. Ryan and Colin acted as repairmen on a house call to fix Wayne’s dishwasher. The twist is Ryan and Colin used to be cops that used the good cop bad cop method of interrogation. Episodes featuring Good Cop Bad Cop

Greatest Hits
Two contestants, usually Ryan and Colin, act as TV pitch men selling a compilation album dedicated usually to different professions suggested by the audience. As Ryan and Colin make up titles to songs, the other contestants, usually Wayne, Brad, or Chip or any combination of the two, improvise the song on the spot. Episodes featuring Greatest Hits

Hats (Dating Service)
Originally called Hats but sometimes called Dating Service, the contestants break into two groups of two and take a box of hats, masks, or other props with them. Each go back and forth making up examples of the world’s worst dating service video. Episodes featuring Hats Episodes featuring Dating Service Video

Helping Hands
This game has been most recently played with Ryan and Colin with one other contestant or Drew. Ryan and Drew act out a scene with some props in front of them while Colin provides the hands for Ryan by placing his arms through Ryan’s armpits. Episodes featuring Helping Hands

Hey You Down There
Two contestants act out a 50’s-type documentary film about a topic suggested by the audience while a third contestant acts as the narrator of the film. This game has only been played once in the American version of Whose Line. Episodes featuring Hey You Down There

Probably the most well known game on the show, all four contestants make up a hoedown on the spot based on a suggestion by the audience. This game usually results in personal bashing of each other, especially against Drew. Episodes featuring Hoedown

Hollywood Director
One contestant, usually Colin, acts as a director while the other three act out a scene. Throughout the game, Colin breaks in and gives the other contestants suggestions and styles for improving the scene. Episodes featuring Hollywood Director

Ice Skaters
Appearing only once, performers act out a scene as ice skaters. Episodes featuring Ice Skaters

If You Know What I Mean
One of the funniest games done, the contestants act out a scene, but they can only talk in euphemisms and cliches…if you know what I mean. Episodes featuring If You Know What I Mean

Improbable Mission
Two contestants, usually Colin and Ryan, act a “Mission Impossible” type clip. Another contestant provides the voice of the self-destructing tape at the beginning of the game. As the game goes along, Colin and Ryan make up unusual ways for handling the mission that has been provided to them by the audience. Episodes featuring Improbable Mission

Ryan and Colin attempt to sell some kind of product suggested by the audience using the props provided to them. Episodes featuring Infomercial

Irish Drinking Song
The four contestants improvise an Irish drinking song based on a suggestion from the audience. Each verse is started by a different contestant. Episodes featuring Irish Drinking Song

Let’s Make A Date
One of the contestants is appearing a dating-type game show while the other three contestants are the bachelors to be chosen. Each bachelor is given a strange quirk or identity which must be guessed by the first contestant. Episodes featuring Let’s Make a Date

Living Scenery
Two contestants, usually Ryan and Colin, act out a scene using the other two contestants, usually Wayne and Kathy, as the props throughout the scene. Episodes featuring Living Scenery

Make a Monster
This game was only played once on the Halloween episode in 2002. In this game, Greg and Wayne “built” monsters Ryan and Colin using body parts from various famous people. The monsters then sang a love song at the end. Episodes featuring Make a Monster

Meet the Family
In its only occurrence on the show, one performer is the fiancee of another performer who enters the scene later.  Meanwhile, the remaining two performers are the parents of the fiancee as he/she explains the quirks that the entering performer must then convey. Episodes featuring Meet the Family

The Millionaire Show
A game that’s not performed much anymore, the contestants improvise a “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”-esque game show. One contestant is the host, another is the person appearing on the show, one is the friend or relative in the audience, and the fourth is the phone-a-friend. However, a twist is usually thrown in to the mix. For example, in one show the did the German version of the Millionaire Show. Episodes featuring The Millionaire Show

Motown Group
The contestants improvise a song based on suggestions from the audience in the form or a Motown group. Episodes featuring Motown Group

Moving People
Ryan and Colin act out a scene but cannot move unless moved by members of the audience. Episodes featuring Moving People

Multiple Personalities
This game is usually acted out by three contestants who improvise a scene with two or three props. Each prop has a certain famous person attached to it, and whoever is holding the prop must impersonate that person. Episodes featuring Multiple Personalities

This game is usually performed by Ryan and Colin. They act out a film noir scene, the setting of which is suggested by the audience. Each contestant narrates the scene as it performed. Episodes featuring Narrate

Colin is usually the focus of this game, though Ryan has also done so. Colin stands in front a green screen such as the one television weathermen use. He cannot see what is behind him but must guess what is being shown on the screen electronically based on hints and suggestions given to him to by two other contestants who take on the roll of news anchors back in the studio. Episodes featuring Newsflash

90-Second Alphabet
Two or three contestants improvise a scene in 90 second and each line said by the contestants must start with consecutive letters of the alphabet. For example, the first line must start with an A, the second line with a B, and so on. Usually, the beginning letter is suggested by the audience. Drew always suggests this as a great party game if you’re throwing a party with no chicks or booze. Episodes featuring 90-Second Alphabet

Number of Words
The contestants improvise a scene, however each contestant when they speak can only speak in a certain number of words allocated to them. Episodes featuring Number of Words

Old Job New Job
A scene is improvised (duh) in which one of the contestants has a certain job. However, the contestant used to have another unrelated job and must show characteristics of it in his new job. Episodes featuring Old Job New Job

Party Quirks
One contestant is the host of a party, the others are guests at the party who arrive one at a time. Each of them is given a strange quirk or identity which must be guessed by the host of the party. Episodes featuring Party Quirks

Press Conference
A contestant, usually Colin, is the subject of a press conference, the reason of which is unknown to him. The other three are interviewers and are given the identity, quirk, or other reason for the press conference. Colin must then guess what he is based on clues given in the questions asked of him by the interviewers. Episodes featuring Press Conference

The contestants break into two groups of two and are given unusual props which they must use to improvise short skits. Episodes featuring Props

Questionable Impressions
This game is similar to Questions Only. Two contestants improvise a scene by speaking only in questions. If one of them screws up or takes too long, they are replaced by one of the other two contestants. The added twist is that in addition to only talking in questions, they must also do an impression of someone famous while they do it. Episodes featuring Questionable Impressions

Questions Only
Two contestants act out a scene speaking only in questions. If any one of them makes a mistake, they are replaced by another contestant. Episodes featuring Questions Only

Questions with Hats
A variant of Questions Only, performers must not only speak only in questions but must do so while wearing various hats from a box and making them relevant to the scene. Episodes featuring Questions with Hats

Questions with Wigs
Another variant of Questions Only, performers speak only in questions while wearing various wigs they select from a box. Episodes featuring Questions with Wigs

Quick Change
Contestants act out a scene, while one other contestant stands off camera. At any point in the scene, that contestant will say “change,” meaning the contestant who was just talking needs to change the line he just said to something else. Episodes featuring Quick Change

Really Bad Hangover
Having never seen the one occurrence of this game I can only assume performers act out a scene while acting like they have a bad hangover. Episodes featuring Really Bad Hangover

Remote Control
A popular game on the British version, the performers are various types of television programming surprisingly all talking about the same subject, chosen by the audience.  The host buzzes from one performer to the other. Episodes featuring Remote Control

This game was only done once. All the contestants performed a reunion of sorts. They did a reunion of army sergeants and did the old army song together. Episodes featuring Reunion

Scene To Music
This game has only been done once so far in the U.S. The performers begin a scene and then have to change their moods and styles based on music which is introduced during the scene. Episodes featuring Scene to Music

Scene To Rap
All four contestants act out a scene but they must rap every line in the scene. Episodes featuring Scene to Rap

Scene With An Audience Member
The contestants act out a scene with a member of the audience that Drew picks out. In at least one appearance of the game, the audience member was given a card with lines on it to read. Episodes featuring Scene with an Audience Member

Scenes Cut From a Movie
Contestants act out fictitious scenes that have been cut from famous movies. Episodes featuring Scenes Cut from a Movie

Scenes From A Hat
Arguably one of the best games. Contestants act out short skits based on scenes suggested by the audience as they are pulled out of an American-style hat. Episodes featuring Scenes from a Hat

A common game on the British version and revived by the CW series, an item is hidden in a box and represents a secret of one of the performers. After the secret is revealed in due course, the performer must explain the secret. Episodes featuring Secret

Shopping from Home
Appearing only once, performers act out a sales pitch on a home shopping channel. Episodes featuring Shopping from Home

Show Stopping Number
Contestants act out a scene. At some point during the scene, Drew will sound the buzzer and the contestant who said the last line must break into a show-stopping number based on the line that was just said. Episodes featuring Show-Stopping Number

Sideways Scene
Making its debut in Season 9 on the CW series, performers go back stage and lay down on a wall backdrop placed on the floor as though a room were turned on its side.  Performers then act out a scene while laying down.  A camera pointing down from the ceiling allows the studio audience to see the scene on monitors.  Note: Ryan Stiles has never performed this game due to his back problems. Episodes featuring Sideways Scene

Song Styles/Duet
This game is usually done by Wayne who is sometimes assisted by Brad or Chip. A member of the audience is selected and brought on stage. Wayne then sings a song to them based on their profession. Episodes featuring Song Styles Episodes featuring Duet

Song Titles
This game is similar to Questions Only where two contestants act out a scene and can only speak in song titles. When one of them screws up, they’re replaced by one of the other contestants. Episodes featuring Song Titles

Sound Effects
The game has two varieties. The original Sound Effects game consisted of Colin acting out a scene while Ryan performs the sound effects for the scene off stage. The newer version features Ryan and Colin both acting out the scene while two members of the audience perform the sound effects. Episodes featuring Sound Effects

Sportscasters/Sports Commentators
Two contestants, usually Ryan and Colin, make up a scene in slow motion while the other two contestants comment on the actions performed by Ryan and Colin as if they were sports commentators. Episodes featuring Sportscasters

Stand Sit Bend / Stand Sit Lie
Three contestants act out a scene, but at any given point in the scene, one of them must be sitting on one of the two stools provided, another must be standing, and a third must be bending over (in the British version, instead of bending over the third contestant must be lying down on a bench provided). Episodes featuring Stand Sit Bend Episodes featuring Stand Sit Lie

A weird name for a superhero and a problem to be solved are suggested by the audience for one of the contestants. Each of the other contestants arrive one at a time and are named weird superhero names by the last contestant. Episodes featuring Superheroes

Survival Show
This game was a take off of Survivor and other reality type shows. In the only appearance of the game, the contestants acted out a survival show set in a post office. Episodes featuring Survival Show

A game that’s not played as often anymore, two contestants, usually Ryan and Colin, are hosts of a telethon for raising money to an unlikely group of people suggested by the audience. The other two contestants, usually Wayne and Brad, are various celebrities singing the big group song (a la “We Are the World”). Episodes featuring Telethon

Theme Restaurant
Two contestants are eating in a themed restaurant while the other two are the wait staff. The restaurant themes used included war zone, Olympics, and emergency room. Episodes featuring Theme Restaurant

Three-Headed Broadway Star
Three contestants improvise a song by taking turns coming up with the next word of the song as if they were some weird three-headed broadway singer. Episodes featuring Three-Headed Broadway Star

Title Sequence
Two contestants sing the theme song to a sitcom starring two unlikely people, while the other two contestants act out the opening sequence. Episodes featuring Title Sequence

Two-Line Vocabulary
This game has had great moments. Colin acts out a scene with two other contestants, usually Ryan and Brad. However the other two contestants can only say one of two lines given to them by Drew. Episodes featuring Two-Line Vocabulary

The contestants act out a wedding reception where Colin has married a member of the audience, Greg is the master of ceremonies, Ryan is relative, and Wayne sings the first dance song. Episodes featuring Wedding

Weird Newscasters
One of the contestants is the anchor of a news show, another is the co-anchor, the other two do the sports and weather, usually done by Wayne and Ryan respectively. The co-anchor, sports person, and weatherman are given weird characteristics or identities. Episodes featuring Weird Newscasters

What Are You Trying To Say
I don’t know why this game hasn’t been played more than once. This is a great game. Ryan and Colin act out a scene in a clothing store as easily offended people who take offense to whatever the other one says. Episodes featuring What Are You Trying to Say

What’s in the Bag?
Introduced in the CW series, two audience members donate their bags or purses for two performers (typically Ryan and Colin) to use on stage.  They must use items from the bags in a relevant manner in the scene.  A third performer (typically Wayne) also appears in the scene.  Episodes featuring What’s in the Bag

Whose Line
Yes there is a game called Whose Line on Whose Line. This is usually done by Ryan and Colin. Each are given two random lines which they put in their pockets. They must then act out a scene and use the lines given to them at some point in the scene.  Episodes featuring Whose Line

World’s Worst
All four contestants come up to the step in front of the stage and step forward when they come up with suggestions for the world’s worst of whatever is written on the card. For example, the world’s world thing to see on television.  Episodes featuring World’s Worst


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