Hall of Fame

Whose Line is it Anyway? is a great show and it’s always funny, but sometimes there are moments that go beyond funny.  Those are the times when you just can’t stop laughing.  The shows where Drew is practically crying at that desk.  The shows where you wanted to be in the studio audience to see it happen live.  Well I have compiled a list of some of those moments and quotes and put them below.  See if you agree with me that they are the best moments of Whose Line ever.  As I encounter more favorite moments, I will add them.

My Favorite Shows

I’ve decided to rank some of the best episodes of Whose Line ever made.  I haven’t yet reviewed all the episodes I have on tape, but here is a list of some of the nominees.  You can also vote for your favorites below.

“The Lightning Rod of Hate” Episode #429
For the best all around episode, this one keeps you laughing the whole way through.  There are three classic moments in this episode.  First, there’s Wayne as a Girl Scout possessed by the devil.  Then Colin makes his famous “I’ll be your lightning rod of hate” speech.  Then Colin has one more classic line: “My pack is halfway up my ass.”

“The 100th Episode” Episode #410
Who can forget the 100th episode of Whose Line?  This is probably the first time a screw up is aired when the keyboard suddenly picks up speed during a Village People song.  Then there’s on of the best rounds of Scenes From a Hat ever.

“The Robin Williams Episode” Episode #313
Robin Williams was the first ever guest to sit in on the games.  Hollywood Director is hilarious, Duet is energetic, Scenes From a Hat is the best ever, and of course who can forget the only session of Party Quirks that Colin gets to host.

“The Richard Simmons Episode” Episode #521
This is definitely the most outrageous episode of all time.  This is the only one that left the audience practically rolling on the floor.  Frankly, it’s hard to believe the censors allowed as much as they did.

“Colin Gets Frisky” Episode #413
Colin doubts the sex of everyone else and is determined to find out for sure.  Enough said.  This episode also featured the most disgusting Newsflash of all time.

“Ryan Breaks the Light” Episode #308
Another classic moment.  During an episode of Party Quirks, Ryan really gets into his suggestion and ends up slamming his head into the neon light on the front of Drew’s desk.  It’s funny because it didn’t happen to you.

“Melissa’s Underwear” Episode #211
Here’s another early classic.  Wayne is King Kong during Party Quirks and when he picks up a girl from the audience, he accidently lifts up her dress exposing her underwear.  And of course Ryan has to make up a hoedown about it.

“The Cat!” Episode #232
This is the funniest Improbable Mission of all time.  Ryan and Colin are doing the laundry and Colin needs a cat to dry off the garment.  A classic moment that left Drew in tears.

“Someone’s Thong is Too Tight” Episode #406
One of the best episodes from the fifth season is when Wayne makes it known that he’s wearing a G-string.  When Wayne screws up his suggestion later in the show Ryan makes the comment that his thong is a little too tight.

“I Broke Ryan” Episode #318
During Hollywood Director, Chip jumps on Ryan’s back causing him to yell out obscenities.  Chip later says, “I broke Ryan.”

Honorable Mention:

“Strip-o-gram for the Lunch Lady” Episode #227 
Poor Wayne has to sing to Lee the lunch lady in the style of a strip-o-gram.  His last line stands out: “You get to have a little spaghetti and two great big balls!”  This is also the episode where Ryan kisses Colin full on the lips during Narrate after Colin says, “he did something totally unexpected.”

“A Very Brady Whose Line” Episode #512
Florence Henderson makes an appearance on the show.  Dubbing and Helping Hands showed us a side of Florence we’ve never seen.

“Once I had the heart on…” Episode #418
In this “Too Hot” episode, Colin is the Tin Man announcing that Dorothy is having his child.  His line was, “Once I had the heart on, it was like that!”  Hats was as funny as ever and Multiple Personalities had everyone doing impressions they couldn’t do.  And Ryan and Colin’s banter during Greatest Hits was hilarious.

“The Tickler” Episode #408
Colin is “The Tickler” during Party Quirks and we find out that Wayne has a tickly butt.

“How does food become poo?” Episode #425
Colin’s idea for an odd subject for a musical is “How does food become poo!”

“It’s nice to have a woman on the show” Episode #506
Joanie Laurer, formerly known as Chyna, makes an appearance on the show and everyone gets to kiss her.  Other classic moments include “Nice genis” during Change Letter and Colin with an electric buffer in his butt during Party Quirks.

“Captain Hair” Episode #219
This time the audience makes fun of Colin when they suggest Captain Hair during Superheroes.  Ryan’s toddler learning to talk and walk is hilarious in Let’s Make a Date and Scenes From a Hat had some great moments too.

Did I miss one?  If you’d like to suggest another episode as a potential best episode of all time, send me a message and I may add it to the list!

Other Classic Moments

During a game of “Telethon” where they are raising money for thumb suckers, Colin begins sucking on Ryan’s thumb.  The way I figure, it could have been a lot worse.

During a game of “Sportscasters”, where Ryan and Colin act out an everyday event in slow motion while two other contestants comment on it, Colin proceeded to spank Ryan.

Let’s of course not forget the time Colin and Ryan played a round of “Narrate” where Colin prompted Ryan to do something weird and unexpected and Ryan proceeded to kiss him full on the lips.  In fact there have been many episodes where men have kissed men.  You just have to be lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to catch one of them.

Some classic moments from “Scenes From a Hat”

Bad songs to sing in prison:
Colin: “With the wig you remind me of Julia…”

Bad pick up lines for army generals:
Brad: “I just wanna stand here and stare at my privates”

Inappropriate first date greetings:
Colin: “I’ll satisfy you but it could kill ya.”

Things you can say about your truck, but not your girlfriend:
Greg: “Wow, she’s Ram tough”
Ryan: “It smells good when it goes pffffffffffffff!”

Things you can say about the food you eat, but not your girlfriend:
Ryan: “Yeah, I’ll have seconds”
Wayne: “Would you look at the mold on that?”
Greg: “Mmmm, my God this is juicy!”
Wayne: “No one wants those eggs”
Ryan: “Care for some more, boss?”


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