Episode Guide

There are a lot of Whose Line episodes out there, but hopefully this page will help.  Click on one of the seasons to begin viewing a list of all the American episodes of Whose Line.

Season 1
Aug. 5, 1998 to Mar. 24, 1999
(20 episodes on ABC)
Season 2
Sept. 16, 1999 to May 18, 2000
(39 episodes on ABC)
Season 3
Oct. 4, 2000 to June 21, 2001
(39 episodes, compilation on ABC)
Season 4
Sept. 6, 2001 to April 11, 2002
(31 episodes on ABC)
Season 5
Sept. 9, 2002 to Sept. 5, 2003
(34 episodes on ABC)
Season 6
June 24, 2004 to Sept. 23, 2004
(10 episodes on ABC)
Season 7
Jan. 17, 2005 to May 23, 2005
(25 episodes on ABC Family)
Season 8
Oct. 3, 2005 to December 15, 2007
(21 episodes on ABC Family)
Season 9
July 16, 2013 to September 24, 2013
(12 episodes on The CW)
Season 10
March 22, 2014 to November 22, 2014
(24 episodes on The CW)
Season 11
April 18, 2015 to October 5, 2015
(20 episodes on The CW)
Season 12
May 23, 2016 to September 28, 2016
(20 episodes on The CW)
Season 13
May 29, 2017 to September 28, 2017
(15 episodes on The CW)
Season 14
June 4, 2018 to Present
(The CW)

Unaired Episodes

EPISODE #112 – The Lost Episode
Drew Carey with Brad Sherwood, Patrick Bristow, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Laura Hall on the piano.
This is the episode known as the “Lost Episode” from the first season of Whose Line.  One theory is that the episode was originally supposed to air March 3, 1999 but was preempted by a Barbara Walters interview with Monica Lewinski.  It is unlikely ABC will ever show this episode since Wayne is now a permanent member of the cast and he did not appear in this episode.

Notable Episodes

Here is a list of some of the most well-known and most asked about episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway?

The Robin Williams Episode – Definitely a classic episode.  This one aired during the third season in November of 2000.  It is one of the most replayed episodes.  There’s also rumors that there is another episode from the same taping that hasn’t aired yet.

The 100th Episode – No matter how you count it up, it doesn’t come out to 100.  But the “100th Episode” aired near the end of the third season in 2001.  This is the well-known “piano malfunction” episode which left the guys performing a Village People song at high speed.

The Hugh Hefner Episode – Two words: Playboy Bunnies.  Hugh Hefner made a guest appearance with Playboy Bunnies Ava Fabian and Victoria Fuller during the fourth season.

The One Where Ryan Breaks the Light With His Head – During party quirks, Ryan takes his suggestion, “Carol Channing whose head keeps keeping stuck to things,” a little too far and breaks the neon light on the front of Drew’s desk.  Definitely a classic moment.

The Best Of Whose Line – The British show is known for its frequent compilation shows.  The American version had one compilation show at the beginning of the third season in October of 2000.  It was an hour long featuring classic moments from the first two seasons along with previously unaired segments.

The Sid Caesar Episode – Sid Caesar made a guest appearance on one show during the fourth season along with Lassie in what was dubbed the “Classic TV” episode.

The One With Miss America – Yes, Miss America 2002 Katie Harmon made an appearance.  It was near the beginning of the fifth season in the fall of 2002 a week before Wayne Brady hosted Miss America 2003.

The Kathy Kinney Episode – You may be asking yourself, “Didn’t I see Mimi from the Drew Carey Show on Whose Line once?”  Well you’re right.  She appeared in the first season during the summer 1998 pilot run.

The Stephen Colbert Episode – “Wasn’t that guy from the Daily Show on Whose Line, too?”  Yes he was.  Stephen Colbert appeared near the end of the first season of Whose Line in 1999, as well an episode from Season 8 carved from the same taping.

The “Too Hot” Episodes – ABC aired several “Too Hot for 8:00” and “Too Hot For Whose Line” episodes during the third and fourth season.  These were episodes that were considered too raw to show at the 8:00 PM ET time slot.  These aired later in the evening on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Here are those episodes in order of appearance:  #327, #326, #413#318#419, #418, #412#404, and #432.


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